Episode 14: Chris Robinson


New Episode Alert! In this episode, I interview Chris Robinson from Beards and Buddhi. He is a rad yoga and meditation teacher from Jupiter, Florida. He is super passionate about Sobriety and spreading the message of hope. I LOVED our conversation! 

Chris is a 36 year old human doing the very important work of living life. He has identified, and worked through his process addiction to substance over the last 3 years. Sobriety is not an accomplishment, but a way of life. He is a certified RYT 200 hour Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher, and Y12SR (Yoga of 12 Steps Recovery) Instructor. He has transformed his life experience physically by losing over 100lbs. through learning how to eat, and exercise while still living a balanced life. He works with groups, recovery centers, and individuals to help others realize that we are all perfectly imperfect, and to embrace our humanness through the practice of Yoga, mindfulness, breath work, and meditation. He believes that the most important relationship to cultivate is the relationship with self, the rest will flow from that healthy space. 

You can find Chris on his website for one on one coaching, group coaching, or group classes at www.beardsandbuddhi.com

Episode 13: Erin Gilmore


In this episode I interview one of my favorite yoga teachers, Erin Gilmore. We talk about her recovery from bulimia and anorexia and how she became a yoga teacher after being in the fashion world in NYC. 

Her bio is below!

With a fresh weekly playlist and a profound message of self-acceptance, Erin Gilmore teaches students to focus on their unique journey through reflective practice and hard work. Her swift-paced, deeply-rhythmic flow and strength-based training takes yogis on an intentional, invigorating, focused journey away from their ego to a place of peace and self-love. Yoga was the driving force behind reclaiming her own sense of self-love and freeing her from a long battle with bulimia and anorexia. Above all, she hopes to creates a space to practice feeling what you're really feeling, in the midst of a challenging flow, supported by good music, jokes, and surrounded by community. Over the last two years, Erin has also run a monthly all women's class, StrongWomenSF, that benefits Planned Parenthood. Originally from Cape Cod, MA, Erin went to art school in NYC. Eventually relocating to San Francisco on a whim in 2009, she has been teaching full-time for the in the city last 7 years and has 500 hours of yoga teacher training. 

(Teachers Erin admires: Elena Brower, Kathryn Budig, Sally Kempton, Annie Parr, Annie Carpenter, Jason Crandell, Noah Levine)

Episode 12: Nicolette Amarillas


In this episode I interview Nicolette Amarillas who is the founder of Expansive Voice. Expansive Voice is an empowered community of female healers with a mission to help women make positive changes in every aspect of their lives. I wanted to hear about her story and how she came upon creating this wonderful movement so I of course asked her to be a guest on the show as she embodies the Spirit Burrito lifestyle completely. I loved talking to her!

Based on her own struggles to access healing– physically, mentally, and spiritually– Nicolette identified a need for women to have a platform where they can explore their internal capacity to heal and grow. She sought to create an environment where women could have access to not just one source of healing, but a collaborative and collective source of education, wisdom, support and guidance. Nicolette draws on her extensive background as a Holistic Life and Exercise Health practitioner to collaborate with female Bay Area wellness influencers to create Expansive Voice. 

They have a rooted experience coming up March 3rd and you MUST attend! Info for that is HERE . I went to one this past Summer and it was life changing and I don't say that lightly. 

Link to the music we talked about is HERE. 

Episode 9: Ashley Beels


In this episdoe I interview one of my dear friends, Ashley Beels.

Ashley Beels, M.A. Educational Leadership and Administration

Business Coach and Meraki™ Strategist

Ashley Beels is a Business Coach & Meraki™ Strategist for aspiring soulful entrepreneurs and newbie coaches who feel called to start living and creating from their desires, feel ready to showcase their unique gifts online, and want to blow the damn lid off their business to watch it bask in dynamic-freedom. Ashley works with her clients on their mindset, creativity, and visibility to bring freedom, fun & success to their business. 

She considers herself to be raging introvert, dynamic-as-hell, a crazy dog lady (4, and counting? maybe?), and desire driven.

Random facts: 

1. her first words were in Vietnamese.

2. her first career was in dentistry 

3. she’s afraid of birds, and fish.

Favorite things she's manifested have been: 
1. a rescue french bull dog puppy (two actually)
2. getting fired from her 9-5 after years of resisting leaving. (OH, and she was fired 3 hours and 48 minutes after “praying to be fired”).
3. Selling her first home (someone legit knocked on her door and offered to buy it when it was NOT even listed).

You can learn more about her at ashleybeels.com and get your free gifts for being a Spirit Burrito listener at ashleybeels.com/spiritburrito

Also, come hang out in her free hub for the soulful entrepreneur at facebook.com/groups/themerakimavens


Spirit Burrito Life Coaching Launching Today!

Hi Spirit Burritos! 

Happy June 1st! I love love love the 1st of the month. Fresh new start for all sorts of things: Saving money, workout routines, meditation practices, career goals etc. 

I am officially starting to take Life coaching clients starting today. If you feel stuck, lost and need some direction in your life. I am your girl! 

Email me at kellie@spiritburrito.com for a free 30 min consultation. 

Hope to speak with you all soon!


Spirit Burrito Podcast

Spirit Burrito Podcast is launching August 7th! I am going to be talking to some of the coolest people on earth about what is in their Spirit Burrito. For quite some time, there has been a little voice that is telling me to share more, get out there and be of service keeps getting louder. My prayer each day is “God use me. How can I be of service today?” I try and be as useful as possible during each day I get here on earth, but sometimes are better than others. Progress, not perfection. 

What is my next step in this journey of being useful? I am starting a podcast. I find so many people so amazing and inspiring and all I want to do is tell everyone about these people and how awesome they are! So many people have helped me on this journey of life so far, that I feel like I should let my community know about these people. So what do I plan on doing next? I am going to interview all the people that I have listened to on my way to work, on my walks, in the car, on the plane, on the beach, pretty much any where I can put my headphones on and soak up the goodness. Honestly it blows my mind how many rad people there are on this planet. In a time, where the news headlines are pretty much a joke and fear, fear, fear, resentments and more fear. I figure why not focus on whats good out there. This doesn’t mean I am turning my back on whats going on in the world. I will stay conscious and woke. I am just putting a little more positive content out there for us to listen to. I also want to interview all the rad people there are in this world. 

I am going to talk to my teachers, close friends and mentors to me who have helped me so much over these last six years of my spiritual journey. 

What is Life Coaching?

I am diving head first back into my Martha Beck Life Coaching Training! When I first signed up, I wasn't ready. I am ready now!

So what exactly is Life Coaching? The best way that I have heard it be described is that it's like a personal trainer, but for your life goals. Instead of working on your physical body, you're checking in with someone and staying accountable for your life goals.

Another way I've heard it be described is that it's about the future and not about the past as much as traditional Therapy is. I go to traditional Therapy and I LOVE it. I am also blessed with a freaking amazing Angel of a Therapist, so that helps. Therapy is a way for me to vent and clear out stuff that is blocking me from feeling freedom. Life Coaching can do that too, however it is more focused on moving forward with healthy goals and taking specific action steps of getting there. Creating a plan and having clear action steps crucial to creating a life that you love. Having somebody to hold you accountable is super helpful, I have found. 

Here are some of the coolest Life Coaches out there

  • The girls of Rock Your Bliss: Jacki Carr and Mary Beth LaRue
    • These ladies have changed the game for me and are just a freaking bundle of positivity
  • Gabby Bernstein
    • Because...OBVS
  • Lori Harder
    • I love her podcast and listening to it in the morning. I love the fact she is into fitness and spirituality\
  • Rosie Acosta
    • Found her through Lori's podcast and she is another GREAT one to listen to on the way to work. Mainly focused on Yoga and Meditation 
  • Martha Beck
    • This woman is like the Mother of all Life Coaching and Self Help. She is an original OG
  • Jenny Sansouci
    • This lady has helped me so much with working smarter and not harder. She is the one who got me into Tim Ferris. I have learned to get free flights, found some of the best books, and am now taking her course called "Get Paid to Live" which is about how to make money on your blog and live anywhere
  • Katie Dalebout
    • I love her blog and instagram. She is a bundle of joy too. She has a lot of stuff on food, so if food is an area of struggle for you. She is a great resource. 

Have a look at these ladies, they have ALL chnaged my life!