Episode 3: Eugene Johnson

In this episode, I interview my friend Eugene Johnson. I used to work with Eugene at my current company and have watched him first hand achieve his successes. 

Eugene is an entrepreneur and now the CEO and founder of Zyrl, a social media and marketing company with the mission of building the most dominant and revolutionary force in online marketing technology. He is also the author of "The Mental Playbook", an investor and internationally known speaker and trainer. He has trained tens of thousands of people online with his videos. 

In this episode, we talk about Eugene's humble beginnings of growing up in one of the worst neighborhoods in New York City and how he managed to still achieve his goals and aspirations even though his situations were not ideal. 

We'll discuss

  • how he started his first business at 18 years old 
  • how he went from living on his mom's couch with zero dollars in this bank account to earning multiple 6 figure income and traveling around the world
  • His secret for achieving big goals

I loved talking to Eugene and hearing about his perception on success. Enjoy! 



Spirit Burrito Life Coaching Launching Today!

Hi Spirit Burritos! 

Happy June 1st! I love love love the 1st of the month. Fresh new start for all sorts of things: Saving money, workout routines, meditation practices, career goals etc. 

I am officially starting to take Life coaching clients starting today. If you feel stuck, lost and need some direction in your life. I am your girl! 

Email me at kellie@spiritburrito.com for a free 30 min consultation. 

Hope to speak with you all soon!


Spirit Burrito Podcast

Spirit Burrito Podcast is launching August 7th! I am going to be talking to some of the coolest people on earth about what is in their Spirit Burrito. For quite some time, there has been a little voice that is telling me to share more, get out there and be of service keeps getting louder. My prayer each day is “God use me. How can I be of service today?” I try and be as useful as possible during each day I get here on earth, but sometimes are better than others. Progress, not perfection. 

What is my next step in this journey of being useful? I am starting a podcast. I find so many people so amazing and inspiring and all I want to do is tell everyone about these people and how awesome they are! So many people have helped me on this journey of life so far, that I feel like I should let my community know about these people. So what do I plan on doing next? I am going to interview all the people that I have listened to on my way to work, on my walks, in the car, on the plane, on the beach, pretty much any where I can put my headphones on and soak up the goodness. Honestly it blows my mind how many rad people there are on this planet. In a time, where the news headlines are pretty much a joke and fear, fear, fear, resentments and more fear. I figure why not focus on whats good out there. This doesn’t mean I am turning my back on whats going on in the world. I will stay conscious and woke. I am just putting a little more positive content out there for us to listen to. I also want to interview all the rad people there are in this world. 

I am going to talk to my teachers, close friends and mentors to me who have helped me so much over these last six years of my spiritual journey. 

What is Life Coaching?

I am diving head first back into my Martha Beck Life Coaching Training! When I first signed up, I wasn't ready. I am ready now!

So what exactly is Life Coaching? The best way that I have heard it be described is that it's like a personal trainer, but for your life goals. Instead of working on your physical body, you're checking in with someone and staying accountable for your life goals.

Another way I've heard it be described is that it's about the future and not about the past as much as traditional Therapy is. I go to traditional Therapy and I LOVE it. I am also blessed with a freaking amazing Angel of a Therapist, so that helps. Therapy is a way for me to vent and clear out stuff that is blocking me from feeling freedom. Life Coaching can do that too, however it is more focused on moving forward with healthy goals and taking specific action steps of getting there. Creating a plan and having clear action steps crucial to creating a life that you love. Having somebody to hold you accountable is super helpful, I have found. 

Here are some of the coolest Life Coaches out there

  • The girls of Rock Your Bliss: Jacki Carr and Mary Beth LaRue
    • These ladies have changed the game for me and are just a freaking bundle of positivity
  • Gabby Bernstein
    • Because...OBVS
  • Lori Harder
    • I love her podcast and listening to it in the morning. I love the fact she is into fitness and spirituality\
  • Rosie Acosta
    • Found her through Lori's podcast and she is another GREAT one to listen to on the way to work. Mainly focused on Yoga and Meditation 
  • Martha Beck
    • This woman is like the Mother of all Life Coaching and Self Help. She is an original OG
  • Jenny Sansouci
    • This lady has helped me so much with working smarter and not harder. She is the one who got me into Tim Ferris. I have learned to get free flights, found some of the best books, and am now taking her course called "Get Paid to Live" which is about how to make money on your blog and live anywhere
  • Katie Dalebout
    • I love her blog and instagram. She is a bundle of joy too. She has a lot of stuff on food, so if food is an area of struggle for you. She is a great resource. 

Have a look at these ladies, they have ALL chnaged my life! 


Ringing in the New Year with some Miracles!

Hey Beautiful Souls,

Happy 2016! I thought this would be the perfect time to start a book club based on Gabby Bernstein’s book “May Cause Miracles" This is a 40 day guidebook that takes you on a journey of releasing your fear and shifting to a more miracle minded way of thinking. It is a six week journey that covers all the main areas in our life where we can get tripped up.

My intention is to share the love and abundance I have recieved from being an active Spirit Junkie for the last 4 years. May Cause Miracles is a perfect start for anyone looking to deepen their spiritual practice or open you up to a connection to a Higher Power if this is all brand spankin new to you!

As Gabby says to us on this spiritual path “Each time you help an individual awaken the light within them, the world shines more brightly”

I will guide you and send reminders each day, You can post how the days/weeks have gone for you!

Bring it on 2016!!

With so much love and light,