Ringing in the New Year with some Miracles!

Hey Beautiful Souls,

Happy 2016! I thought this would be the perfect time to start a book club based on Gabby Bernstein’s book “May Cause Miracles" This is a 40 day guidebook that takes you on a journey of releasing your fear and shifting to a more miracle minded way of thinking. It is a six week journey that covers all the main areas in our life where we can get tripped up.

My intention is to share the love and abundance I have recieved from being an active Spirit Junkie for the last 4 years. May Cause Miracles is a perfect start for anyone looking to deepen their spiritual practice or open you up to a connection to a Higher Power if this is all brand spankin new to you!

As Gabby says to us on this spiritual path “Each time you help an individual awaken the light within them, the world shines more brightly”

I will guide you and send reminders each day, You can post how the days/weeks have gone for you!

Bring it on 2016!!

With so much love and light,