Who is Kellie and What is a Spirit Burrito?

Kellie Sinnott is a Fitness Junkie, Spirit Junkie, Sober Woman and Podcast host of Spirit Burrito Radio.  She is on a mission to show people they can create a new way to live out life and connect to something greater! 

Kellie found herself at her rock bottom in Alaska after growing tired of looking for peace, love, and happiness in all the wrong places; that is, the bars and party scene. It was in 2011 that she decided to search for her serenity outside of the party life and has been on a journey of healing ever since. Kellie is currently over 7 years sober and living full-out the life she knows she was meant to live.

She is passionate about finding love, joy and peace within herself through yoga, fitness, meditation and prayer. She has completed Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 1 and has been a longtime Spirit Junkie since 2011. Her teachers include Gabrielle Bernstein, Martha Beck, Stephanie Snyder and Rusty Wells. 

Her Spirit Burrito consists of tons of yoga, meditation, prayer, good sleep and sweaty workouts. She lives in San Francisco with her Husband and her two pit bulls mixes, Vega and Buddha.