What is Life Coaching?

I am diving head first back into my Martha Beck Life Coaching Training! When I first signed up, I wasn't ready. I am ready now!

So what exactly is Life Coaching? The best way that I have heard it be described is that it's like a personal trainer, but for your life goals. Instead of working on your physical body, you're checking in with someone and staying accountable for your life goals.

Another way I've heard it be described is that it's about the future and not about the past as much as traditional Therapy is. I go to traditional Therapy and I LOVE it. I am also blessed with a freaking amazing Angel of a Therapist, so that helps. Therapy is a way for me to vent and clear out stuff that is blocking me from feeling freedom. Life Coaching can do that too, however it is more focused on moving forward with healthy goals and taking specific action steps of getting there. Creating a plan and having clear action steps crucial to creating a life that you love. Having somebody to hold you accountable is super helpful, I have found. 

Here are some of the coolest Life Coaches out there

  • The girls of Rock Your Bliss: Jacki Carr and Mary Beth LaRue
    • These ladies have changed the game for me and are just a freaking bundle of positivity
  • Gabby Bernstein
    • Because...OBVS
  • Lori Harder
    • I love her podcast and listening to it in the morning. I love the fact she is into fitness and spirituality\
  • Rosie Acosta
    • Found her through Lori's podcast and she is another GREAT one to listen to on the way to work. Mainly focused on Yoga and Meditation 
  • Martha Beck
    • This woman is like the Mother of all Life Coaching and Self Help. She is an original OG
  • Jenny Sansouci
    • This lady has helped me so much with working smarter and not harder. She is the one who got me into Tim Ferris. I have learned to get free flights, found some of the best books, and am now taking her course called "Get Paid to Live" which is about how to make money on your blog and live anywhere
  • Katie Dalebout
    • I love her blog and instagram. She is a bundle of joy too. She has a lot of stuff on food, so if food is an area of struggle for you. She is a great resource. 

Have a look at these ladies, they have ALL chnaged my life!