Episode 9: Ashley Beels


In this episdoe I interview one of my dear friends, Ashley Beels.

Ashley Beels, M.A. Educational Leadership and Administration

Business Coach and Meraki™ Strategist

Ashley Beels is a Business Coach & Meraki™ Strategist for aspiring soulful entrepreneurs and newbie coaches who feel called to start living and creating from their desires, feel ready to showcase their unique gifts online, and want to blow the damn lid off their business to watch it bask in dynamic-freedom. Ashley works with her clients on their mindset, creativity, and visibility to bring freedom, fun & success to their business. 

She considers herself to be raging introvert, dynamic-as-hell, a crazy dog lady (4, and counting? maybe?), and desire driven.

Random facts: 

1. her first words were in Vietnamese.

2. her first career was in dentistry 

3. she’s afraid of birds, and fish.

Favorite things she's manifested have been: 
1. a rescue french bull dog puppy (two actually)
2. getting fired from her 9-5 after years of resisting leaving. (OH, and she was fired 3 hours and 48 minutes after “praying to be fired”).
3. Selling her first home (someone legit knocked on her door and offered to buy it when it was NOT even listed).

You can learn more about her at ashleybeels.com and get your free gifts for being a Spirit Burrito listener at ashleybeels.com/spiritburrito

Also, come hang out in her free hub for the soulful entrepreneur at facebook.com/groups/themerakimavens