Episode 12: Nicolette Amarillas


In this episode I interview Nicolette Amarillas who is the founder of Expansive Voice. Expansive Voice is an empowered community of female healers with a mission to help women make positive changes in every aspect of their lives. I wanted to hear about her story and how she came upon creating this wonderful movement so I of course asked her to be a guest on the show as she embodies the Spirit Burrito lifestyle completely. I loved talking to her!

Based on her own struggles to access healing– physically, mentally, and spiritually– Nicolette identified a need for women to have a platform where they can explore their internal capacity to heal and grow. She sought to create an environment where women could have access to not just one source of healing, but a collaborative and collective source of education, wisdom, support and guidance. Nicolette draws on her extensive background as a Holistic Life and Exercise Health practitioner to collaborate with female Bay Area wellness influencers to create Expansive Voice. 

They have a rooted experience coming up March 3rd and you MUST attend! Info for that is HERE . I went to one this past Summer and it was life changing and I don't say that lightly. 

Link to the music we talked about is HERE.